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20 Apr

Joyeuses Pâques ! Easter in France

Easter, which in French can be either masculine singular, le Pâques, or feminine plural, les Pâques, is a holiday celebrated even by many non-practicing French Christians. It features flying bells, blessed branches, and chocolate eggs. Read Full PostJoyeuses Pâque... 35 minutes ago

Olivier Martinez Likes to Keep His Phone Conversations Private!

Olivier Martinez covers his mouth while chatting on the phone on Thursday (April 17) in Los Angeles. Earlier in the week, the 48-year-old French actor was spotted catching up with his close pal Eduardo Cruz at The Little Door Cafe. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivi...

Just Jared 45 minutes ago

Helena Bonham Carter's Portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor Landed Her a TV BAFTA Nomination!

Helena Bonham Carter looks ready for spring as she steps out to do some shopping with a friend on Thursday (April 17) in London, England. The 47-year-old actress is nominated for a 2014 TV BAFTA for her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in BBC Four’s Burton and Taylor. Do...

Just Jared 45 minutes ago

La cantante Sonia Silvestre falleció este sábado al mediodía

SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana.- Falleció pasado el medio día de este sábado la cantante Sonia Silvestre, a la edad de 61 años, luego de permanecer ingresada por varios días en el Hospital Plaza de la Salud. La información la ofr... 46 minutes ago

Top Grossing San Diego Conventions

Before there were Downtown San Diego condos and lofts there was the Convention Center.  The Convention Center was the catalyst for all the residential development in Downtown San Diego.  It set the foundation for all the infrastructure that would eventually support the lif...

Downtown... Living 49 minutes ago

11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

I love Android as much as the next non-Apple owning guy, but there are times when I get bored of using the same old operating system, and seeing the same boring old notifications. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of different ways to liven things up without having to root your ...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

Moore’s law gives way to Bezos’s law

The future of cloud computing is the availability of more computing power at a much lower cost. ...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

Gillmor Gang: Action Items

 The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Danny Sullivan, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — played the latest favorite game of the Mobility Addicted. It's called Lock Screen, and some of us think it's where the early adopters meet the great unvarnished...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

Nike Layoffs Add Fuel to Apple iWatch Rumors

Layoffs at Nike's FuelBand unit took many by surprise when the news broke Friday, a move that has further fueled speculation that Apple may be working with the sports-apparel maker to develop an iWatchA CNET report described the first rumblings of trouble at Nike's wearable-tech uni...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

Nike Says The FuelBand Isn’t Dead, New Color Options Coming

 Nike was said to be shutting down its FuelBand department on the heels of layoffs on Friday, signalling a significant exit of the wearable fitness device market by one of the more prominent companies involved in the space. That’s not quite true, however, according to inf...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

5 Can't-Miss Apps: Solar Walk for Android and More

Between Google revealing more details about its modular smartphones and all the cool tech coming out of the New York International Auto Show, you may have overlooked some of the best new apps from this weekLuckily, Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and upd...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

RIP Flash: Why HTML5 will finally take over video and the Web this year

Erika Trautman is the CEO of Rapt Media. Cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and … Flash. All three of these mediums need a player to work, and all three mediums are either dead or dying. Just as CDs replaced tapes as a more efficient means of playing music, and digital files replaced ...

Original... Web 2.0 49 minutes ago

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