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25 Dec

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Ohio Kidnap Victim Returns To Castro's House

Michelle Knight returns to the home where she was held captive for 11 years - a day after tormentor Ariel Castro was sentenced. ...

Sky News August 03 13

'The Bachelorette' Interview: Chris Harrison on the Desiree-Brooks Breakup Drama

No one's had a better seat in Desiree's journey to Bachelorette heaven than host Chris Harrison. He chatted with the media about the heartbreaking moment he witnessed pretty much firsthand when Brooks dumped Desiree so late in the game, which he said was a "one-of-a-kind" ...

BuddyTV August 02 13

Salman Khan likely to go behind the bars for 10 yrs

After 11 years of court case, Salman Khan was finally charged in the 2002 hit and run case on Wednesday. ...

Latest B...d Mantra July 25 13

Minor League Bat Dog Of 11 Years Dies

Chase, a Golden Retriever who since 2002 has fetched bats for the Trenton Thunder, passed away yesterday at the age of 13.Read more...     ...

Deadspin July 09 13

US court jails Mexico ex-governor

A US court sentences a disgraced former governor of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo to 11 years in prison for money laundering. ...

BBC News... Edition June 29 13

Even Ham Fired Paula Deen. Loyal, Delicious Ham.

If there’s one person who should be standing by Paula Deen‘s side as Obama fires her for saying nigger once 35 years ago, it’s ham. Ham should’ve gently cupped Paula’s jowls in its hand and said, “Shh, shh, you come from a different time, my love. You can’t help it. Now jam that baster ...

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