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30 Jan

How 'Only God Forgives' Is a Brilliant Deconstruction of the Current State of the Action Hero

Only God Forgives is not an action movie, but you'd be forgiven for thinking differently as you step into the theater or prepare to watch it on VOD. After all, it's a crime movie from the director of Drive. It stars Ryan Gosling as another strong, silent type. The trailers showcase ...

Movies.c...he field August 02 13

White House Down Director Roland Emmerich Talks Sequels

White House Down director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to blow-'em-up Summer blockbusters - he's also the man who brought the world Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. We caught up with Roland at his latest movie's recent press day in Washington DC, where he dished on sta...

Been There, Bombed That. White House Down, Reviewed.

Die Hard was a brilliant concept for an action movie that's been much duplicated since: Die Hard on a bus (Speed); Die Hard in a hockey rink (Sudden Death); Die Hard on a battleship (Under Siege). But what a lot of the copycats forget is that it's not the claustrophobic location th...

Deadspin June 26 13

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