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01 Feb

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The power of transition – How Moyes might be on to a winner

David Moyes in Japan For two decades Manchester United fans have set out in August, more in expectation than in mere hope. We had an advantage, an extra ingredient that set us apart from the rest. This isn’t just the view of someone born with pre-installed scarlet contact le...

SportsKeeda July 25 13

Wayne of all trades and master of none: The curious case of Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney The summer for most parts has been dominated by an enigmatic scouser known as Wayne Mark Rooney. Wayne Rooney, who burst onto the scene by scoring against the “Invincibles” side led by professor Wenger, is now seeing his career hit the lowest ebb. Once co...

SportsKeeda July 25 13

Manchester United have their injury

Has not yet started the new season, Manchester United have their injury, Rooney first leg Asian tour in Thailand, yet firm, it was sent back to England because of injury problems, can only be alone in Manchester United's Carrington training base and re... ...

Book Review: Wayne Rooney – My decade in the Premier League

When I first picked up the book, I was a little sceptical. And when the Premier League comes to mind, Manchester United inevitably pops up; along with Wayne Rooney, of course. Rooney has been one of the most successful strikers the English Premier League has ever witnessed. From ma...

SportsKeeda July 24 13

Analysing the managerial changes in Premier League this season

The new season in England brings with it managerial changes among three of the new ‘top four’ in the Premier League. Also, the appointments of Mark Hughes at Stoke and Roberto Martinez at Everton stir up the plot perfectly. Chelsea: The return of ‘The Special One&...

SportsKeeda July 24 13

Moyes admits fear factor involved in managing Man United

David Moyes, the newly appointed manager of Manchester United, tasked with replacing the most successful football manager in British history in Sir Alex Ferguson, has admitted to the fear factor involved with the business. Even though Moyes was hand-picked by Sir Alex Ferguson to t...

SportsKeeda July 23 13