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25 Dec

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Funds' Suit Alleges Antitrust Violations

Big banks are facing new allegations they conspired to control pricing and access in the lucrative credit-derivatives markets. ... News US July 13 13

Banks Dodge a Bullet With Deal on Swaps

Global banks will now have the choice of trading and clearing transatlantic swaps in either Europe or the United States. ...

Seattle man accused of pimping girls online out of Aurora motel

A Seattle drug dealer faces child prostitution-related charges following allegations he pimped two teens out of an Aurora Avenue motel. ...

Seattle News July 12 13

Latin American governments' outrage over US spying ignores their own

Some of the same Latin American nations whose presidents are shocked and outraged over newly-revealed details of America's electronic surveillance programs are conducting versions of the same within their own borders. And in some cases, the US helped them create their domestic spying infrastructure. ...

0 Comments Boing Boing July 12 13

In Spain, Governing Party Denies Illicit Payouts

El Mundo newspaper has revived allegations that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other senior party leaders received payments from a party slush fund. ...

NYT >...national July 10 13

China and US in cyber security talks

Chinese and US officials discuss hacking concerns at the inaugural meeting of a joint working group on cyber security, after months of hacking allegations. ...

BBC News... Edition July 09 13

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