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03 Mar

Adafruit demos Display port to Retina Display adapter

Here's something you don't see every day: a MacBook Air with a Retina display sitting on top where you'd normally see the Apple logo. The geniuses at Adafruit hacked together a Display port to Retina Display adapter, using it to drive the same display that's used in the 3rd-genera...

Tuaw August 05 13

12,000,000 Downloads – Every Game Free Now

Tampa Bay, Florida – Since late 2010, evertap has been producing some of the best games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and today they have some awesome news to share with you; they’ve just passed 12,000,000 total downloads! Yes, that’s 12 Million! While they a...

0 Comments MacMegasite July 31 13

Candy Crush with a Twist of Words

Phoenix, Arizona – ArchSquare today is proud to announce All Words Up 2.4 has everything you love about Candy Crush, but with the twist of creating words. Each level is goal based with many challenges and obstacles to clear, with over 100 level to play and more updated weekly...

MacMegasite July 30 13

Elastic Web Page available for Xojo web developers

Pariahware has announced Elastic Web Page 1.0, a companion to its Elastic Window tool, also for the Xojo development tool. Elastic Web Page is a series of classes that allows a developer to change a web page to an Elastic Web Page. This allows controls to be resized proportionally with the web brows ...

0 Comments MacMinute July 24 13

Enactment magazine now available in the App Store

Zagreb, Croatia – Val Kalinic is proud to introduce Enactment, a new magazine on life, design and work, and now available for Free in the App Store. Enactment features curated stories, thinking and taste in new issues monthly. In the first, July issue, we feature stories from ...

0 Comments MacMegasite July 15 13

Penguin Hustle for iPad – Addictive online falling blocks battle

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Altitude Labs today is pleased to announce the release of Penguin Hustle on the App Store worldwide. Penguin Hustle is an exhilarating online falling-blocks battle. It is free to play and for the iPad or iPad Mini. Go head-to-head against your friends an...

MacMegasite July 08 13