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26 Jan

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Rates on US Treasury bills rise at weekly auction

WASHINGTON (AP) — Interest rates on short-term Treasury bills rose in Monday's auction to the highest levels since early July. Separately, the Federal Reserve said Monday that the average yield for one-year Treasury bills, a popular index for making changes in adjustable-rate...

Seattle ...ess News August 06 13

Montana's Duelling Dinosaurs Head For Auction

Two dinosaur skeletons found "preserved in a sensational pre-historic death match" are being put up for sale in New York City. ...

Sky News July 31 13

VIDEO: Banksy removed from London street

The mural is set to fetch millions of pounds at auction in 2014 ...

BBC News... Edition July 27 13

PBT: Duplicate of Kobe’s 2000 Lakers championship ring goes for $175K at auction

Remember that weird thing about Kobe Bryant suing his parents for trying to auction off some of his personal items from his professional basketball career? The whole thing eventually got settled, and the majority of the stuff did in fact end up going up for sale. The auction has bee... Sports July 25 13

Two championship rings among Kobe items sold at auction

Two NBA championship rings that Kobe Bryant gave to his parents each sold for more than $100,000 at an auction that supported one of his charities. ... News July 21 13

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