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28 Dec

Maher Implores 'Super-Rich' Liberals to 'Get in the Game' Post-Citizens United

Click here to view this media From this Friday evening's New Rules segment, Bill Maher had some suggestions for "super-rich" liberals about what to do to combat the likes of the "Koch brother from another mother" who has turned North Carolina into wingnut land, A...

0 Comments Crooks and Liars August 04 13

Bill Maher Asks 'Rich Liberals' Jay Z, Oprah and Spielberg to 'Buy a State'

Bill Maher is very unhappy that rich conservatives are having an impact on politics. With this in mind, HBO’s Real Time host on Friday encouraged "rich liberals" such as guest Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, and Steven Spielberg to "get in the ga ...

Bill Maher Rips Chris Matthews for Attacking Weiner While Idolizing Clinton and JFK

Bill Maher on Friday attacked the media – particularly MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – for hypocrisy concerning how they handle sex scandals based on whether or not they like the politician involved. The HBO Re...

NewsBust...dia Bias July 27 13

Bill Maher: ‘God in the Old Testament Is a Psychotic Mass-Murderer’

Bill Maher has said some disgusting things about religion before. Possibly the most disgusting came on HBO’s Real Time Friday when the host actually said, “God in the Old Testament is a psychotic mass-murderer” (video follows with transcript and commentary, fil...

NewsBust...dia Bias July 27 13

iTunes podcast subscriptions pass the one billion mark

Podcast subscriptions have topped the one billion mark at the iTunes Store, To celebrate the milestone Apple highlighting popular shows dating back to 2005 when the podcasting section was first added to iTunes, notes "Th...

0 Comments MacMinute July 23 13

Maher Bemoans the Resurgence of the Smart Stupid Person

Click here to view this media Bill Maher bemoaned the resurgence of the "smart stupid person" during his New Rules segment on Real Time this Friday evening. After explaining that this is nothing new, Maher ran down the recent list which includes the like of Dr. Ben Carson,...

Crooks and Liars July 21 13