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28 Feb

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PM 'constructive' call with Spain

British Prime Minister David Cameron raises "serious concerns" with his Spanish counterpart over the recent situation at the border with Gibraltar. ...

BBC News... Edition August 07 13

In Britain, Be Ready to Say Buh-Bye to Porn or Declare You Want It

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Monday that if you want those naked moving images, you've got to say it. In what is being called "most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the 'corroding' influence of pornography on childhood," Britain plans to ...

Jezebel July 22 13

UK wants to restrict access to porn

Saying that "the darkest corners of the Internet" pose a real threat to children, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday rolled out a plan that would, by default, block pornography on most computers, smartphones and tablets. ... ...chnology July 22 13

The UK Moves to Block All Internet Porn by Default

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a sweeping set of reforms on Monday that seeks to limit access to online pornography and do away with the more obscene materials. In a speech, Cameron outlined a new filter system that will compel all British internet users to select wh...

Gizmodo July 22 13

British Prime Minister Promises Default On Porn Blocking

judgecorp writes "David Cameron, the British Prime Minister has promised that the UK's ISPs will be required to provide connections with 'porn blocking' filters switched on by default.. The public promise comes despite opposition from ISPs, and the near-universal acknowledgment...

Slashdot July 22 13

Same-sex marriage: Love should not be divided by law, British PM David Cameron says

In an exclusive article for Pink News, British Prime Minister David Cameron talks about the legaliza ...

Wordpres...gdom Tag July 18 13