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26 Dec

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PM 'constructive' call with Spain

British Prime Minister David Cameron raises "serious concerns" with his Spanish counterpart over the recent situation at the border with Gibraltar. ...

BBC News... Edition August 07 13

UK Prime Minister More Interested In Regulating The Internet Than Regulating Porn

By the end of next year, every person connected to the internet in the UK will be subject to a government-mandated porn filter. The filter will be on by default at the ISP level, and if subscribers wish to be unblocked, they have to contact their providers by the end of this year and opt-in. Otherw ...

0 Comments Techdirt July 24 13

Saving children's innocence from Internet porn

In a bold move, British Prime Minister David Cameron strikes a welcome balance between Internet freedom and society's hope to protect children from Internet pornography and the child-murderers who act on it. ...

UK wants to restrict access to porn

Saying that "the darkest corners of the Internet" pose a real threat to children, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday rolled out a plan that would, by default, block pornography on most computers, smartphones and tablets. ... ...chnology July 22 13

How Porn Lost The Internet

The social, app-based internet has no room for porn. How your smartphone’s browser became the dirtiest place on the internet. ...

0 Comments digg July 22 13