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25 Jan

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The Caucus: Upward Mobility Is No Less Common in ‘Red’ America

The odds of escaping poverty are nearly identical in liberal regions and conservative regions, according to a recently released study. ...

NYT > Business July 31 13

Larry Summers? Fuggedaboutit

A Democratic leadership aide in the Senate tells TPM: "Given the level of opposition to Larry Summers within our caucus, confirming him would be a huge challenge and probably a pretty ugly process."      ...

Talking ...Marshall July 30 13

Five Questions: Interview with blogger Digby at Netroots Nation 2013

Digby sees as I do that there's a virtual Open Rebellion Caucus among Democrats in Congress. Finally. . ...

AMERICAb...he truth July 22 13

Pelosi Sends Surveillance Memo to Her Caucus

Pelosi sent a members-only fact sheet to her caucus trumpeting ways Democrats have improved surveillance law and bolstered civil liberties protections since the Bush years. We've got the memo here.      ...

Talking ...Marshall June 19 13

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