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28 Dec

Judge says he can't end Chrysler stock fight yet

DETROIT (AP) — A Delaware judge on Tuesday said he needs to hear more evidence before he can decide how much Fiat should pay to buy some outstanding shares of U.S. automaker Chrysler. [...] it would be premature for me to enter an order requiring the (trust) to deliver the ca...

Report: Chrysler delays 2014 Jeep Cherokee media launch

Filed under: Jeep Chrysler is making the unusual move of delaying the first media drives of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which were slated to start next week in Seattle. And while something like this is a rare occurrence, and one that most of the Autoblog staff can't recall happening ...

Autoblog July 30 13

Fiat to Increase Stake in Chrysler

Italy's Fiat has exercised another option to buy shares in Chrysler Group even though it has yet to take possession of two earlier tranches of shares because of a dispute over price. ... News US July 08 13

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