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28 Feb

Which Comic-Con Announcement Is More Exciting: the Batman and Superman Team-Up or 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'?

It's become a regular expectation now that Marvel Studios owns the movie side of Comic-Con. Every year the studio reps show up to announce and present more of their Avengers franchise, and everything from logos to titles to the most minimal of footage can rouse up the crowd in ...

7 superheroic companies that are kicking ass in digital comics

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about comic books as a tech geek — especially if you enjoy reading digital comics over the traditional printed versions. The digital comic book industry has consistently grown in annual revenue over the past three years ($8 million in ...

VentureBeat July 19 13

Batman Arkham City Riddler Tropher Replica

Batman’s collection of villains are a strange bunch, where most of them are just plain mad. After all, villains tend to have this lust for power, while some of them are totally insane that they just want to introduce nothing but anarchy to the world. The Riddler, however, is w...

Coolest Gadgets July 16 13

Superman Just Did Something Very Un-Superman Again

The first issue of DC Comics’ Trinity War summer crossover event features the Man of Steel doing something that he rarely does: killing someone. ...

digg July 10 13

The Superhero Series Poster Set

No doubt they are the five most popular superheroes. If you’re a big fan of the superheroes, the following superhero series poster set should be able to draw your attention. This is a set of pretty cool posters themed by five well-received superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics...

Gadgetsin July 03 13

Vertigo, a DC Comics Brand, Is Rebuilding With 6 New Series

The Vertigo imprint was introduced in 1993 for mature audiences, but has struggled to compete against popular superhero fiction. ...

NYT > Business July 01 13