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21 Nov

What Drogba reveals about Suarez – From an Arsenal fan’s perspective

Galatasaray’s Didier Drogba celebrates after scoring two goals against Arsenal in the pre-season friendly As painful as it was to see Didier Drogba catch Arsenal with our pants down, not once, but twice, the damage was fairly minor in the end. Yes, we ended up losing our own...

SportsKeeda August 07 13

Dennis Rodman At A Bikini Runway Show

Dennis Rodman is a real character. He’ll visit North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Il. He gets Dennis Rodman wacky at the Mercedes-Benz fashion show in Miami. He probably holds several Pachinko records at Osaka area arcades. He’s a real bon vivant, if that terms means du...

Dennis Rodman Had Himself A Good Time At This Fashion Show

Dennis Rodman went to a fashion show in Miami on Monday night, sat in the first row and enjoyed the shit out of himself.Read more...     ...

0 Comments Deadspin July 24 13

The First Instagram Videos Out of North Korea Show an Isolated Otherworld

Just a few months ago, North Korea decided to flip on its 3G network, giving anyone who somehow managed to find access to a phone the ability to Instagram a landscape that comes with its very own sepia-toning. Now, though, thanks to Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder and reporter Jean ...

0 Comments Gizmodo July 23 13

Drake's 'Versace' Remix Was 'Crazy' For Migos

Atlanta rap trio tell MTV News they 'ain't believe it' when they heard that Drake wanted to work with them.By Rob Markman, with reporting by FLX Migos Photo: MTV News Migos may be relative newcomers to rap, but the Atlanta trio already has a gang of fans &mdas...

MTV News...eadlines July 08 13

Dennis Rodman Believes That He Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize

Never the shy one, outrageous former NBA basketball great Dennis Rodman believes that he should win a Nobel Peace Prize for his trip to North Korea to meet with dictator Kim Jong Un. Un turned the appearance by Rodman into a sort of photo opt propaganda piece that seemed to whitewas...

0 Comments Wizbang Pop! July 04 13