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04 Mar

No Way Not Going to Happen

Good Sahil Kapur piece about why Capitol Hill Republicans, especially in the House, are not going to allow any rehabilitation of the Voting Rights Act. The political gains of allowing covered to back to the same old ways of limiting minority and poor voting are simply too great. The...

Talking ...Marshall July 29 13

VIDEO: Controversy surrounds Zimbabwe poll

Early voting is already under way as Zimbabweans chose who will be their next president, following years of governance by an uneasy coalition. ...

BBC News... Edition July 23 13

SF Legislator Wants Statewide Saturday Voting

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — A San Francisco lawmaker wants to help boost election turnout by giving voters the chance to cast ballots on Saturdays. Legislation by state Sen. Leland Yee, D-S.F., would require counties to have a polling place open for early voting for four hours on at...

CBS 5 - Politics July 14 13

Takes Your Breath Away

I hope this doesn't just state the obvious. But it is simply amazing to watch how Southern states, ruled by Republicans, have moved so quickly, after the Supreme Court's VRA decision to push through a series of new laws the only aim of which is to limit black voting: voter ID laws, ...

Talking ...Marshall July 02 13

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