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01 Oct

Facebook Messenger for iPhone adds Instagram sharing

Facebook has updated its Facebook Messenger app for iPhone. The biggest new feature is deeper Instagram integration. Now users can attach photos to messages from Instagram right within the Messenger app. Facebook bought Instagram last year for US$1 billion, and it's nice to see th...

Tuaw August 07 13

#Tip: Three ways journalists can use Facebook more effectively

By owenwbrown on Flickr. Some rights reserved. On Storyful’s blog, Joe Galvin runs through three ways to use Facebook as a journalist, aimed at improving “efficiency” when scouring the social network for news sources and leads. has also produced a ...

Journali...ors blog August 07 13

Asana: The 'Tesla of Productivity Tools'

Quick poll: How much of your time do you spend writing and responding to emails to find out if certain action items are actually getting done? Odds are, a lot. Technology enables us to collaborate with those across the office and across the world, but we still spend a heck of a lot ...

0 Comments Mashable! August 06 13

We Should… Be Better Friends

We should go get drinks sometime soon. We should totally go on a trip to Atlantic City! You know what we should do? We should get everyone together for a parrrtyyyy! Yeah! It’s easy to make plans, but keeping them is a different story. A new app launching out of New York aims ...

0 Comments TechCrunch August 06 13

Facebook Toys With Twitter-Style Feed Order For Posts About Real-Time Events

Facebook could soon look a little more like Twitter. It’s internally testing “Chronological By Actor,” a new way to display updates about live events so they appear in order from most recent to oldest, surrounded by feed posts ranked by its traditional relevance-so...

0 Comments TechCrunch August 06 13

Facebook Shines Some Light On Its News Feed Algorithm

Between advertisements you never asked to see and unnecessarily hidden status updates from your closest friends, it’s no wonder that Facebook has come under pressure from users to explain itself. Today on the Facebook business blog, the company outlined how it decides what to ...

0 Comments Read/WriteWeb August 06 13

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