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28 Jan

Facebook Toys With Twitter-Style Feed Order For Posts About Real-Time Events

Facebook could soon look a little more like Twitter. It’s internally testing “Chronological By Actor,” a new way to display updates about live events so they appear in order from most recent to oldest, surrounded by feed posts ranked by its traditional relevance-so...

0 Comments TechCrunch August 06 13

Facebook Shines Some Light On Its News Feed Algorithm

Between advertisements you never asked to see and unnecessarily hidden status updates from your closest friends, it’s no wonder that Facebook has come under pressure from users to explain itself. Today on the Facebook business blog, the company outlined how it decides what to ...

0 Comments Read/WriteWeb August 06 13

Former NSA Boss Calls Snowden's Supporters Internet Shut-ins; Equates Transparency Activists With Al-Qaeda

Some of the most ardent defenders of our nation's Skynet surveillance programs and other forms of cyber-overreach have one thing in common: they continue to belittle their opponents as a loose confederation of basement-dwelling loners who exist solely on The Internet. I'm sure this...

0 Comments Techdirt August 06 13

Facebook explains its News Feed post ranking process, rolls out story bumping feature to improve UX

Have a love/hate relationship with your Facebook news feed? Sure, that feed serves up plenty of photos and posts from friends and family that you want to see, but there are also plenty of posts you could do with out, or posts you wish had been assigned greater importance. Facebook...

0 Comments Engadget August 06 13

Seven years later, here’s how Facebook is changing your News Feed so you’ll read more stories

Nearly seven years after Facebook launched the News Feed, engineers are re-thinking how certain updates should show up in your feed, and how that plays into the Facebook experience. Here are some changes they're making. ...

Join Our Twitter Chat for Back-to-School Tips and Tricks

Get ready for back-to-school season with our Twitter chat.Whether you're a parent, a student heading off to school or just looking to keep your mind sharp, this chat will offer useful tips and suggest the best apps for an effortless transition from summer vacation to fall educationOn Thursday, we'l ...