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30 Jan

TV's Social Game: If They're Talking Online, They're Watching Offline

The television industry knows full well that the TV isn't the only screen viewers are watching at home. Smartphones and tablets mean Twitter and Facebook activity—and lots of social mentions generally means higher ratings. (And, perhaps, vice versa.) Most of us aren't eve...

Facebook Story Bumping sifts News Feed for missing gems

Facebook has revealed “Story Bumping”, a new jolt of intelligence to the News Feed which the social network claims will do better at flagging up older stories friends have posted which it believes you’ll still be interested in. Aiming to sift through the masses of ...

0 Comments SlashGear August 06 13

July 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal by @johnrampton

#1:  5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know are “Illegal” on Facebook By:  Jim Belosic | @shortstacklab Business Pages on Facebook have their own set of guidelines which you can read here, yet I continually see countless Facebook Pages posting illega...

Pronet Advertising August 06 13

50+ Tips for Using Social Networking to Job Search

When you're job hunting, social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter can provide a way to connect with companies, recruiters and connections who can help your search for a new position. An invitation for a conversation or even an interview can...

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S “5M” built with crowdsourced specs

To celebrate having scored 5 million followers on Facebook, Porsche gave those followers the chance to provide input on a special edition 911 Carrera 4S called the 5M Porsche 911. After quite a bit of input, the vehicle has been built and shown off on Facebook in a gallery of images...

0 Comments SlashGear August 06 13

IBM hopes Google et al. can breathe life into its Power chip franchise

Right now I’m pretty sure the sum total of server vendors using IBM’s Power chip is one: IBM. (Don’t worry, IBM will correct me if this is not the case.) Now Big Blue is making big noise about a new development alliance it’s formed with some big names, i...

GigaOM August 06 13