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01 Mar

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U.S. Assails New Limits on Internet in Vietnam

A new Vietnamese decree appears to limit the ability of people to share news stories critical of the government. ...

0 Comments NYT > Technology August 07 13

Cuba opens up Internet access, but at a cost

To the soundtrack of fingers banging on keyboards, a cluster of Internet users recently caught up on their e-mails, updated their statuses on Facebook and looked for love on ...

0 Comments - World August 06 13

Quartz joins the wave of media entities trying to rethink how reader comments work

While many media players seem to have turned their backs on reader comments, or handed them over to Facebook or other third parties, there is also a wave of reinvention happening — with companies like Gawker Media turning their commenters into bloggers, and the New York Times ...

GigaOM August 06 13

Serial Dine-and-Dasher Exposed on Facebook

The last time we checked, dining and dashing — that is, leaving the restaurant without paying the bill — was something immature teenagers did for kicks. Saul Zelaznog of Reno, NV, apparently never grew out of that phase, and eventually prompted a jilted restaurant to exp...

0 Comments Mashable! August 06 13

Pantech Vega LTE-A arrives with fingerprint scanner, rear trackpad

We’ve been hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S and LG G2 will come with fingerprint scanners, but they no longer will be the first smartphones to include such a feature, as Pantech has beaten the crowd to the punch. The company launched the Vega LTE-A in Korea, and it comes with the fingerprint scan ...

0 Comments SlashGear August 06 13

Break away from the wall socket!

We’ve all been in a situation where we are out on a day trip, hiking winding trails in the hills, or out sightseeing at some larger than life destination. You go to take that perfect picture with your phone or camera and the battery just dies on you, soon after you mis...

Accessor...try News August 06 13