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24 Oct

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Australia-Bound Jetliner Makes Emergency SFO Landing

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A United Airlines flight bound for Sydney, Australia was forced to make an emergency landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday night, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said. Pilots aboard United Flight 863 declared an emergen...

FAA puts more restrictions on foreign jets at SFO

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — U.S. aviation officials are no longer allowing foreign airlines to land alongside another plane when touching down at San Francisco International Airport in the wake of the deadly Asiana Airlines crash. Domestic carriers can still do that, but air traffic controllers are now ...

FAA approves first drones for commercial operations in US airspace

Insitu's Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment's Puma (above) are the first UAVs to snag FAA approval for commercial operations, and they're set to take to the skies later this summer. Prior to this, the only way the private sector could fly an unmanned vessel in US airspace was with an experimental a ...

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FAA Wants Foreign Pilots To Use GPS Instruments To Land At SFO

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—In a response to the deadly Asiana Airlines crash, the Federal Aviation Administration is advising that all foreign airlines use GPS technology when landing at the San Francisco International Airport because of concerns over pilots’ experience with v...

Boeing 777 hit with $2.7 million fine. Why?

Boeing 777: The FAA says Boeing was installing low-quality fasteners on the 777 aircraft. Now, two airlines say they have found faulty wiring on their Boeing 787 emergency transmitters. ...

United, ANA find wire problems on 787 transmitters

Two airlines disclosed issues with the wiring on their Boeing 787's emergency transmitters, the same part of the plane that is getting close scrutiny after a parked jet burned earlier this month. The inspections were mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration for U.S. airlines...

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