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25 Oct

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Vacchiano: Giants are better off without Bradshaw

It wasn't easy for the Giants to let Ahmad Bradshaw go after last season. As they did, Tom Coughlin fondly remembered the "great toughness" he played with. Jerry Reese even called him, "pound for pound … one of the toughest football players that I've been aroun...

Sports -...ily News August 05 13

An Involuntary Union of Football Rivals for Philadelphia High Schools

With the closing of Philadelphia’s Germantown High, a victim of budget cuts, its football players have to set aside a long-held animosity to join rival Martin Luther King High. ...

0 Comments NYT > Sports August 03 13

10 Best Educated NFL Players

Getting a graduate degree is no easy feat, even for those who are able to study full-time - so imagine trying to earn a master's while playing in the NFL. The following 10 pro football players went about achieving their graduate degrees in different ways, but each of their storie...

0 Comments The Presurfer August 01 13

BMW Smart Headlights Swivel During Cornering & Reduce Glare for Other Drivers

Since 2012 BMW has equipped some of its cars with smart LED headlights that provide better visibility in turns and reduce glare for other motorists. Each headlight can swivel independently to aim in the direction of a turn. The headlights are also equipped with a High-beam Assistant, which uses a c ...

Football Is Back, Brutal As Ever

Every NFL training camp is now fully open, and so we're already back to the annual tradition of football players getting seriously hurt.Read more...     ...

Deadspin July 28 13

Five of the tallest football players in the world

Here is the list which includes the tallest professional footballers on the planet. 5. Zat Knight 6’6″ Zat Knight is as well known for his calamities as he is tall. A centre-back with an eye for an own goal, Knight plies his trade for Bolton in England‘s nPower Ch...

SportsKeeda July 24 13