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26 Jan

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Prenda officially dissolves as Steele agrees to pay $5,400 penalty

skittledog / flickr Records at the Illinois Secretary of State show that Prenda Law was "voluntarily dissolved" on July 26. The move isn't surprising and is largely a formality. A key lawyer for the embattled "porn troll" had already said it was "wind...

Ars Technica August 06 13

Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage With the Queen's Approval

Today, Britain officially legalized gay marriage. On Tuesday, Parliament passed the bill that allows same-sex couples in England and Wales to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies. And today in her capacity as head of state, the queen signed off on the law, which she does on all laws ...

Nick Compton feels he was not given a fair chance to prove his mettle

Nick Compton feels ‘let down’ Nick Compton believes he did not get “a fair crack of the whip” by English selectors. While he has not yet been officially dropped from the Ashes squad, the fact that he has not been included in England squad for their practice...

SportsKeeda July 04 13

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