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27 Feb

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How to get the most out of Origami

If you're like us, then you've got tons of photos and videos on your smartphone that you end up texting and emailing to friends and family fairly frequently. Well, if you're looking for a safe and more efficient way to keep your family updated on your many adventures without having ...

0 Comments Cool Mom Picks August 06 13

One Fund Boston Still Accepting Donations

Everyone in Boston will remember where they were on April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. I was at home when my phone started buzzing non-stop, with friends and family around the country checking in to see if my husband and I were okay. Oblivious at that point (we..., MA August 01 13

The 3 missing pieces that India need to find to win World Cup 2015

Can India defend the world cup title in 2015? Indian cricket team will be defending its World cup title in two years’ time. While it all looks rosy with what appears to be a settled unit now, after winning the two multinational tournaments in a row, I still believe there are three missing pieces ...

0 Comments SportsKeeda July 24 13

Juicy Watermelon Recipes

What is more sweet, more refreshing, more delicious than fresh summer watermelon? Juicy watermelon makes a fantastic ingredient for creating wonderful gourmet dishes. Try some of the recipes below and enjoy this great fruit with your friends and family. It won't be around forev... Food July 16 13

Say Goodbye to Google Latitude, Service to be Shut Down August 9

Another API can be added to the list of "Google APIs That Are No More." The Google Latitude service, including the Latitude API, will be shut down on August 9, 2013. Google Latitude is a geolocation sharing service that allows users to find friends and family on a map as w...

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