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03 Mar

President George W. Bush Has Received a Stent

President George W. Bush received a coronary artery stent today, reportedly after a blockage was discovered during his annual physical examination.  He is said to be doing very well after this procedure....Read Full Post ...

President George W. Bush Has Heart Surgery

Former President George W. Bush has successfully undergone a heart procedure after doctors discovered a blockage in an artery. ...

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Krauthammer's Take: Embassy Closings 'Fruits' of 'Nothing Happening to the Bad Guys' in Benghazi

Krauthammer's Take: Embassy Closings 'Fruits' of 'Nothing Happening to the Bad Guys' in Benghazi

On Special Report this evening, Charles Krauthammer explained "a perennial problem that a superpower has is you want to be loved and respected," and that the recent threat against American embassies in the Middle East show the Obama administration has opted for the latter."This is the fruits of bein ...

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The Jailbreak Nightmare

A week after a dramatic jailbreak freed dozens of al Qaeda leaders captured during the Iraq surge at the end of President George W. Bush’s second term, America’s closest allies in that counterinsurgency are preparing for the worst. ...

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William Bradley: Better to Be Respected or Feared?

Notwithstanding the Nobel Peace Prize handed to President Barack Obama for not being George W. Bush or Dick Cheney, the posture emerging from the U.S. of late suggests the judgment in White House precincts is more the former than the latter.Read More... More on Dick Cheney...

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Herbert M. Allison Jr. Dies at 69; Led Bailout Efforts

Mr. Allison, a former Merrill Lynch president, was appointed to lead and help rescue a troubled Fannie Mae in 2008 and then ran a federal bank bailout program. ...