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29 Dec

This 13-Year-Old Has an App on iTunes and a Popular Website

At an age when many of his contemporaries are logging on to Snapchat for the first time, 13-year-old Daniel Singer has created his own messaging app, which hit iTunes on Wednesday. Backdoor is billed as a "secret messaging" app. The premise: You can send and receive messages, but you don't know who ...

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Verizon iPhone Growth

Yoni Heisler, TUAW: But then a funny thing happened. Last week, Verizon reported its earnings results from Q2 2013 and the results were better than what most analysts were expecting. Last quarter, Verizon activated 7.5 million smartphones, of which 3.8 million units were iPhones...

Daring Fireball July 22 13

FIFA 13 netted $70 million in digital revenue last quarter

FIFA 13 saw $70 million in revenue from digital sales in Q1 of fiscal year 2014, which stretches from April 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013. The figure from EA's earnings report today is derived on a non-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) basis. EA reports that the digital sales for the ...

Analysts: Google cloud revenue hit $200M last quarter and will keep expanding

Google's cloud products took on $200 million in revenue last quarter, TBR analysts estimated. They see full speed ahead for adoption from developers and enterprises. ...

Google and Microsoft spent a combined $3.4B on infrastructure last quarter

Google and Microsoft might have disappointed investors in the last quarter, but they didn't disappoint their equipment manufacturers and data center partners. Both companies spent boatloads on infrastructure. ...

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