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27 Jan

Toni Newman: Masen Davis, Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center, Talks Transgender Equality

Our fight for full equality within the LGBT community is far from over. My conversation with Masen Davis is important because we must not forget our transgender brothers and sisters trying to live authentic lives.Read More... More on Transgender ...

The Huff...log Feed July 10 13

What Is Lady Gaga Hiding?

There’s a nasty lawsuit going on between two of Lady Gaga’s former friends, two of the people who discovered her, Wendy Starland and Rob Fusari. Starland, Gaga’s former BFF, is suing Fusari, Gaga’s former manager and boyfriend, for money she feels she’...

Celebrity Smack! July 08 13

Apple likely to kick off Back to School promo this week

The promotion will give eligible students an iTunes/App Store gift card with the purchase of... ...

0 Comments MacDailyNews July 01 13

The 20 Worst Depictions of LGBT Characters on Film

While there are plenty of excellent cases of positive portrayals of LGBT characters on film, those within these marginalized communities have long been depicted on screen in stereotypically comic roles or, worse, as villainous creatures existing on the cusp of decent society. From m...

Flavorwire June 26 13

Jamie Scot: What a Riot: Taking Pride in Our Past (PHOTOS)

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we wanted to take a little walk down LGBT history lane to explore the origins of Pride, and take a closer look at those electrifying evenings in June when the LGBT community decided to stop hiding and start fighting.Read More... More on Pride ...

The Huff...log Feed June 15 13

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