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27 Dec

How The New York Times Lost Nate Silver

The New York Times’ Public Editor places at least some of the blame for losing Nate Silver on the fact that the newspaper’s culture never really made him feel welcome: * I don’t think Nate Silver ever really fit into the Times culture and I think he was aware of that. He was, in a word, dis ...

NBA Star's Dad Looks Just Like Ron Burgundy

He's Ron Burgundy? Everyone's favorite anchorman bears a striking resemblance to the father of one of the world's top basketball players, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love. DNA results aren't in yet to prove he's the real deal, but in the meantime, we have some strong photo...

Mashable! July 22 13

Gilbert Arenas -- Drops Millions to Live On the Edge (Of The Valley)

Ni-Hao people of Los Angeles ... ex-NBA star turned Chinese b-baller Gilbert Arenas just dropped a couple million bucks on a sick new pad in the valley ... with killer views (not killer sharks). Arenas -- who left the NBA in 2012 and now plays for… ... July 20 13

NBA Star Matt Barnes -- I Was Underpaid For a Loooong Time

After more than a decade in the league, NBA star Matt Barnes FINALLY signed the mega-contract he's always wanted ... telling TMZ, "I've been underpaid for a long time."Barnes -- who recently inked a 3-year $11 million deal with the Los Angeles… ... July 19 13

NBA Star Kenneth Faried -- Let's Talk About My Giant ... Sex Organ

Denver Nuggets star Kenneth Faried plays power forward, and now -- thanks to his own drunken rant -- we know the source of his power ... is in his pants*.(*according to KF's calculations) ... July 18 13

Nets head coach Jason Kidd pleads guilty in DWI case

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanour drunken driving charge and was placed on interim probation nearly a year after he smashed his Cadillac SUV into a utility pole on eastern Long Island. ...