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25 Nov

Wind Waker HD coming October 4 in Europe

While we were totally aware the Wii U port of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD was arriving in October, Nintendo dated it for October 4 in Europe in today's Direct broadcast. However, Nintendo of America didn't provide a date in its presentation, so the game remains in its Octob...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13

30 years of Nintendo: 268M consoles, 385M handhelds, 4.1 BILLION games sold

Though Nintendo's Wii U may be struggling, with the latest financial quarter seeing the company sell just 160,000 of the next-gen machines, a look back at the company's 30 years in the home videogame industry shows a mind-boggling number of... ...

Tech Digest August 06 13

VIDEO: Here's a clip of The Legend of Zelda CGI movie that could have been

Nintendo have some gaming properties just crying out to be made into a movie, and alongside the Metroid series, The Legend of Zelda is chief among them. However, after being burnt by the mess that was 1993's Super Mario Bros.,... ...

Tech Digest August 05 13

Wii U Splinter Cell Blacklist to Skip Offline Co-op

Poor Wii U owners always seem to get their games with something missing. Sometimes it's downloadable content. Sometimes it's online multiplayer. And in the case of Splinter Cell Blacklist, it's local co-op, according to an interview in Nintendo Life....Read Full Post ... Games August 03 13

Pikmin 3 Reviewed

Well, it went from a possible launch title to a game planned for 2013's 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter to the third quarter, but Pikmin 3 is finally, finally here. Nintendo said they had to keep delaying the game until it was perfected, so the question is, how close to perfect i... Games August 03 13

Nintendo Sees Wii U Games Console Sales Slump

Nintendo pins its hopes on Donkey Kong and Super Mario, as sales of the Wii U fall to just 160,000 in the last three months. ...

Sky News July 31 13

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