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21 Dec

3D-Printing Project Recreates Old Patents [Pics]

Martin Galese takes old inventions from the official design archives and converts the diagrams into files that can be easily reproduced. ...

0 Comments Psfk August 06 13

Apple, Motorola drop patents in ongoing lawsuit

Apple, Motorola drop patents in ongoing lawsuit

Apple and Google's Motorola have dropped 14 patents from litigation in the Southern District of Florida, reports "FOSS Patents" ( This narrows the claims to a total of eight patents in th...

MacMinute July 30 13

Apple says Motorola demanded more than 12 times the rate it charged others for the same patents

The Motorola-Apple dispute, which started in October 2010... ...

MacDailyNews July 26 13

3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents

Here’s what’s holding back 3D printing, the technology that’s supposed to revolutionize manufacturing and countless other industries: patents. In February 2014, key patents that currently prevent competition in the market for the most advanced and functional 3D pri... Feed July 24 13

Apple granted 49 patents covering Lightning, Mac mini, cameras, and more

It's a huge day for Apple in respect to newly granted patents... ...

MacDailyNews July 23 13

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