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22 Dec

The least desirable addresses in the Universe

Can I interest you in a summer home on COROT-7b? Sure, the estimated surface temperature is 4,580 degrees F, the year is only 20 hours long, and it's probably just lousy with volcanoes. But, when it rains on COROT-7b, it rains rocks. No takers? Just in case, you should check out Lee...

Boing Boing July 26 13

This Micro-Penetrator Impregnates Planets--With Science

After nearly a decade and billions of dollars in R&D costs, we've still barely scratched the surface of Mars. That sort of outlay just won't work for exploring Jupiter's moon Europa, especially since all the interesting parts of the moon, like its potential subterranean ocean, ...

0 Comments Gizmodo July 16 13

Today's What If

Having asked what it would look like if planets were as close to earth as the moon, today we ask, what would it look like if New York was nestled down in the center of the Grand Canyon -- all to scale. Look.     ...

Talking ...Marshall July 16 13

How A Maine Highway Illuminates The Strange History Of The Solar System

To encounter a scale model of the Sun and its planets is to realize that the solar system most of us learn about as children — and continue to envision as adults — does not really exist. ...

digg July 16 13

Solar system has a tail shaped like a four-leaf clover

The first images of our star's strange tail come from a NASA probe studying the bubble of plasma created as the sun ploughs through interstellar gas     ...

The Incredible Dark Matter Mystery

Astrophysicists believe that our galaxy must be filled with more dark matter than ordinary matter. Now astronomers say they can find no evidence of dark matter’s gravitational influence on the planets. What gives? ...

digg July 03 13

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