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27 Feb

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Berlusconi aides guilty in sex trial

Three associates of former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi are found guilty of procuring prostitutes for his controversial "bunga bunga" parties. ...

BBC News... Edition July 19 13

In Defense Of Wearing Socks During Sex

In case you hadn't heard, Elliot Spitzer is now running for public office in New York City. The last time you heard about him it was probably because he got caught having sex with prostitutes. While wearing socks. ...

digg July 11 13

Opinionator | The Great Divide: The New Prostitutes

Many women who would never have considered working for a pimp are now working for themselves as prostitutes using the Internet, but are they any less vulnerable? ...

NYT > Opinion June 30 13

Remembering My Nights with Drunks and Prostitutes

I found this post as I was looking through some of my older blogs and I wanted to reshare it with you. I've recently joined the 9-5 crowd as the training supervisor back at the day job....Read Full Post ...

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