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27 Feb

Farrah Abraham Just Made Ted Nugent Look Like A Genius

For the record, I don’t (entirely) mean to keep bringing up how it’s open season on black kids in Florida now, but this time, I thought it’d be nice if we heard an opinion about Travyon Martin that we can all agree encompasses everything that’s wrong with Ame...

The Supe...'re Ugly July 18 13

George Zimmerman Was In 'God's Hands,' Webbie Believes

Although many rappers denounce the Trayvon Martin verdict, Webbie tells MTV News that the case was decided by higher powers.By Rob Markman George Zimmermanstands in court in Sanford, Florida on Saturday Photo: Joe Burbank-Pool/ Getty Images While opinions vary, the majority of ...

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Ted Nugent Edition

Just as they flew into a rage over the President's anodyne remarks about the Zimmerman trial, wingnuts are now having a Two Minutes of Hate over what the Attorney General said. I guess the fact that Holder called the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin "tragic and unnece...

Crooks and Liars July 16 13

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