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31 Oct

Google City Experts takes on Yelp with crowdsourced local reviews

Google has launched Google City Experts, a new program aiming to take on Yelp and other local review sites by promising perks and praise for those regularly writing up their experiences at restaurants, theaters, and other locations around select cities. The scheme, which ties togeth...

0 Comments SlashGear August 03 13

First Kiss! First Love! First Lust! The 20 Most Epic Teen Romances Of All Time

The Spectacular Now opens in theaters today and critics are already praising it as one of the best teen movies of the year and touting Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) and Aimee Finicky’s (Shailene Woodley) love story as one of the best teen romances of all time. That’s ...

0 Comments Best Week Ever August 02 13

This Is Not A Game: Final Poster For ENDER’S GAME

Here comes the latest poster for Gavin Hood‘s sci-fi action Ender’s Game, which is set to hit theaters this November. This is not a game – looks like they want to remind us that something huge is coming, and that we must be prepared for a future alien invasion. Hea...

FilmoFilia August 02 13

Best New Mashups: The Latest Rotten Tomatoes Mashups

Growing up, summertime always meant movies. While this summer has seen a spectacular run of flops, there are still good movies to watch in the theaters not to mention the choices avilable through streaming or on demand. Rotten Tomatoes has always been a handy option for finding out ...

In Theaters: Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’

It’s Friday which means there’s new movies to see this weekend, my top pick to see is Woody Allen‘s latest dramatic film, Blue Jasmine which opens in limited release today here in Los Angeles and New York City. I totally adore (most of) Woody’s films, he&rsqu...

0 Comments popbytes July 26 13

Everything Wrong With ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ In 9 Minutes Or Less

As a tribute to The Wolverine slashing its way into theaters this week, Cinema Sins released a video that brings to light “Everything Wrong With X-Men: The Last Stand In 9 Minutes Or Less.” Previously, we wrote about their sins videos on the first X-Men and X2 films. ...

Laughing Squid July 25 13

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