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29 Jan

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Asiana: Couple 'Stole Luggage' After Crash

A United Airlines worker and his wife are accused of stealing bags from a flight that was diverted after the Asiana crash. ...

Sky News July 30 13

Bay Area Couple Accused Of Stealing Luggage Following Asiana Crash

REDWOOD CITY (KCBS) – San Mateo County prosecutors have charged a United Airlines employee and his wife with grand theft and burglary, accusing them of stealing the luggage of passengers who were supposed to fly into San Francisco International Airport, but were diverted follo...

Boeing 737 cockpit simulator built by dad in kids’ bedroom

We’ve seen our fair share of cockpit simulators, and it always seems that the next one we come across continues to amaze us. 40-year-old French father Laurent Aigon built a life-size and fully functional cockpit simulator and stuffed it in his kids’ bedroom, out of all p...

0 Comments SlashGear July 29 13

United Continental boosts 2Q earnings 38 pct.

The parent of United Airlines says its profit rose 38 percent even though it flew less in the second quarter. A key measure of per-seat passenger revenue rose 1 percent in the most recent quarter as United recovered. ...

Seattle ...ess News July 25 13

United Airlines Boeing 737 fleet getting new winglets to cut fuel costs by millions

You may remember the urban legend that claimed that American Airlines saved $70,000 per year by simply removing one olive from each of its salads. It sounds too good to be true, since the airline made a change that passengers wouldn’t notice that would save thousands of dollar...

SlashGear July 19 13

Microsoft offers $10,000 travel voucher for Skype “Stay Together” story

If you can look past the irony of a Microsoft competition about connecting people all around the world open only to US residents, you could win a $10,000 United Airlines travel voucher for simply using Skype. Last month Skype launched a new advertising website called “Stay Tog...

istartedsomething July 11 13