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25 Oct

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Watch the Honest Truth About 'Breaking Bad'

Prepare your brain for an overdose of Breaking Bad truths. Screen Junkies, the home of Honest Trailers, jumped from movies to television to whip up an edition (watch above) featuring the show "that is so good, it got TV snobs to shut up about The Wire." See also: The 10 M...

0 Comments Mashable! August 06 13

Me Want It (But Me Wait)

(YouTube link)Cookie Monster learns a little self-control when it comes to cookies! We learn about his new skill in a parody of the song "I Love It" by Icona Pop. Waiting just makes the cookie taste better later! Self-regulation is part of Sesame Street's curriculum this ...

Neatorama August 06 13

Shirtless, Mustachioed Man Is a Hacky Sack God

Thank you, Internet. Without the web, we'd never know this man exists — this shirtless, mustachioed hacky sack legend of a man who, as the title of the above video explains, is just kicking around and "gettin' props at City Hall." See also: Dance Into the Weekend Wi...

Mashable! August 06 13

Mike Rowe Demonstrates a Voiceover Trick in ‘Adventures in Voiceover’

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) demonstrates a voiceover trick using a scratch track on a video segment called Adventures in Voiceover. via Viral Viral Videos ...

Laughing Squid August 05 13

How to Make a Viral Video

(YouTube link)What happens when you try to study viral memes scientifically? You get a parody of the song "Rock Star" by Smash Mouth, starring Dave Days. SoulPancake produced this for YouTube's Geek Week. -via Viral Viral Videos ...

Neatorama August 05 13

Tripp and Tyler Demonstrate Some Common Styles of Laughing

In their new sketch comedy video, both Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton of Tripp and Tyler demonstrate “some common styles of laughing.” A few great examples from the video are: “The Whiplasher,” “The Baby Waker” and “The Donald Duck.” ...

Laughing Squid August 05 13

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