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04 Mar

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Sub Pop pulls Nirvana prank on homecoming queen wannabe

There are children in today’s world who don’t know that Kurt Cobain is dead. Don’t fight that fact, old-timers. Let it settle in your dusty, old-timey brain. I know it’s hard, because I just did it. But this will help, this piece of incontrovertible proof in ...

Confused US University Mascot Asks Nirvana To Send Homecoming Support Video

An American university mascot has enthusiastically grabbed the wrong end of the stick by asking for a good luck message from long-defunct grunge legends Nirvana. ...

Virginia Tech Is Making Perfume And Cologne Now

Everyone wants to smell like a hokie, right? Right. Well, if you're a Virginia Tech student, or alumnus, or hanger-on, you'll soon be able to do just that. VT is developing fragrances for men and women. Read more...     ...

Deadspin June 16 13

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