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02 Mar

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Zac Efron Catches a Movie with Male Friend

Zac Efron makes a run for it while heading to his car after catching a movie with a male friend on Sunday night (August 4) in Hollywood. The 25-year-old actor had some fun by playing peek-a-boo with the photographers. Rose Byrne recently spoke about working alongside Zac in...

Just Jared August 05 13

Star Wars Episode: VII … Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron?

At this point, it’s safe to assume that the next Star Wars trilogy is happening and it really can’t be any worse than the prequelogy, as long as they don’t try and shoehorn in a racist underwater rabbit monster. Although it doesn’t help that websites are now ...

popbytes July 25 13

Vanessa Hudgens In A Bikini

Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her days of pretending to date Zac Efron and posting homemade photos of her snatch online. And by that, I mean, she’s far less interesting now. I’m sure she’ll point to those wild teens days and call them a mistake. But l...

Geraldo Rivera got frisky with a semi-nude selfie!

Everyone is ribbing on investigative reporter Geraldo Rivera over his semi-naked selfie pic that he posted on Twitter (and then deleted it, but it was too late), but you know for a guy that just turned seventy-years-old earlier this month, he looks pretty damn good, except for those lame rose-colore ...

0 Comments popbytes July 22 13

Will Kate's Labor Be Induced?

Princess Diana's labor was induced . . . maybe Kate's will be, too? Was Behati Prinsloo surprised by Adam's proposal? Harry Connick Jr. gives a tour of his rustic home Michael Moore divorces producer Kathleen Glynn Could Garrett Clayton be Disney's next Zac Efron? ...

POPSUGAR...dictive. July 19 13

Links: Jennifer Lopez was once homeless?

→ Jennifer Lopez used to be “homeless” because she got in a fight with her mom? Celebslam → Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are officially a couple again: good news? Celebitchy → Cutie Zac Efron is part of the jorticulture club and dang he looks reall...

popbytes July 19 13